Saturday, June 13, 2009

Coital Cephalgia

Coital=sexual intercourse
Cephalgia = Headache

A few days back, I attended a scientific conference organized by USM. And there was the was first time I heard of the existance of such headache.
Coital cephalgia is a type of headache which mostly during masturbation rather then during sex.
And the incidence of it happening to a male is higher than of female.
And the reason it was given maybe because men are more likely to be the more active partner, more likely to have an orgasm from sex or masturbate more than women.

Well, I did some extra research and here is what I found about it.

The pain appears from the base of the skull during sexual intercourse or masturbation before reaching organism.
The pain usually moves from the base of the skull through the head towards the frontal lobe. Extremely severe and sharp pain behind the eyes is also a symptom. The headaches usually have an immediate onset, with some gradually worsening during intercourse and others (referred to as "explosive headaches") occurring almost instantaneously at the moment of orgasm. These headaches typically last for a few minutes to a few hours. - Source Wikipedia

And the big question is....
Do you experience Coital Cephalgia?


  1. Yes I have... second time!

    The first time I experienced this, I was at the age of 14. Now I'm 32 and had this powerful headache last week-end at the coital moment. This is as far the most bomb-like headache I ever had.

    AT 14 years old, I had this sex headache during 1 or 2 times but I was really less sexual active. This week, I tested my head with masturbation and I had the headache the two time I tried with different levels... it seem to depend of the degree of excitation.

    I did search the web for more informations and I decided to stop sex for at least a week to see what it gives. I will also do a visit with my doctor.

    Pain stayed from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.

    This thing could be a nightmare if it persist!

    If you need to contact me, let me know here!

  2. I have had them off and on not knowing I was getting them. At first they seemed to like stabing pains when I moved my head a certain way. I had not had one in a long while until three nights ago. I had an attack that was like a headache from HELL. I had to go to the hospital it hurt that much. I tried masterbating the following night and had the same thing happen again so I went to a doctor to see what the problem was. I live in a small town where every body seems to find out your private matters so I went to the VA hospital(veteran) to see if it was my blood pressure acting up and low and behold it was not. Funny thing is now that I know what causes it I do not know if I really want to get that worked up again. It scared me into thinking that it will hurt again. I amd sitting here laughing at myself knowing that I am going to have to tyr it again to see if I get the same reaction and I really do not want to get it.

  3. OMG....I've been looking for something to finally diagnose myself with and this is it (Coital Cephalgia) I'm only a 17 year old male and my god are these headaches the absolute worst...Usually headaches come on gradually but this one I've notice is like an explosion that comes on near orgasm. The first time I came near orgasming but I didn't, then the headache ensued. The pain is so intense that doing anything while on it proves to be a challenge. The worst part about it though is how long the headache stays. For others it may be a couple of minutes but for me it stays for hours upon hours. Even if i take some medications I still feel like a "shadow" headache is still there. The 'shadow' isn't really intimadating just that it reminds you that your hungover from it. Usually wikipedia says that it is a 'phase' in which happens rarely for a short period of time but then comes back after 5 years or so for another short period of time. Knowing that I have to try it again sucks a lot but hopefully i'll be ok by then.

  4. I'm a 21 year old female and I've officially experienced these headaches 3 times. Third time being tonight... Only when trying to pleasure myself. So, I've never had sex or an orgasm. It sucks. I had an MRI this summer and everything appeared normal. Also, last time I had one of these headaches I took a medicine specifically for migraines and it made me feel worse. Ibuprofen doesn't help... The headaches are really intense for the first minute or so. Then the pain subsides, but I get a stiff neck every time. Nothing seems to help. So, no orgasms for me? Bound to be a sad, sad life. If you find anything that helps, let me know!

  5. I experienced these headaches for the first time just over a week ago, the first time was the worst headache i have ever had, but the second one went on for over 9 hours. I found that the pain decreased by massaging the area below my head, painkillers dont work. Having a break for a couple of weeks and hoping it wont come back.

  6. I'm 35 and I've had these type of Heachaches a few times and they hurt like hell. Ur whole head feels like its been put in a vice. I found a cold flannel on my forehead helped ease the pain abit. Had one this morning and my girlfiend thought it was abit strange until I looked on the Net and found these are quite common and caused by exercion ie man doing all the work but could also be due to dehydation as I hadn't drunk that much the previous evening. I suggested that maybe she do the work and that seemed to help abit but was kinda glad when it was over so I could sleep it off. Still feel it now but fingers crossed it won't happen again for a while.

    1. Your a moron...why don't u just fuck yourself and not diss a point another female...yikes

  7. My name is Ben, I'm a 26 year old male, and I have been experiencing coital cephalgia for just over a full year now. I'll never forget my first headache - it felt like the muscles on the back of my neck at the base of the skull were being torn and ripped out of my skin, and the rush of fluid to the front of my head, which I could actually feel, caused such intense pain, and then the fluid kept building and the pressure kept building to the point that I was about to pass out, and it felt like my skull was about to break and explode from the inside out.
    Over the past year, I have these headaches in periods - they'll come about every single time, whether its intercourse or masterbation, for anywhere from 4-8 weeks. Then, they magically go away no matter how much work I put into it. After anywhere from 4-6 weeks, they will magically return out of nowhere - and with a vengeance.
    I have read that there are a couple different types of coital cephalgia - one is the explosive type that happens at orgasm, the other is the type that comes about during the process - whether its sexual intercourse or masterbation. For the last year, I have had the explosive type that happens at orgasm. But as of this last weekend, I now experience both.
    So my girlfriend finally puts her foot down and forces me to go to the doctor - we talk about it, and now I'm going to have an MRI and an MRA done the day after tomorrow.
    I intend on fighting this b.s. until its finally dead and gone, never to return. I'll keep you posted on what I come up with, as I have already tried every suggestion I've ever heard. Strong meds before sex, or right when the headache starts - those dont work. Abstinance - I went 6 weeks with nothing but cold showers and overtime - ABSTINANCE DID NOTHING FOR ME!!!!!!! First time back at it after that period of nothing, coital cephalgia was sitting there waiting for me. Hydration, extra exercise, diet - nothing has changed anything.
    So as I go along the medical route, I'll keep you posted.

    1. Pls let me know if u found any cure or remedies.

  8. are any of u overweighted

    1. my boyfriend of 51 years old, may be a little over weight, but no hes in good shape basically. It seams to worsen when his blood pressure is a little elevated. But it is keeping us apart. He said when he gets close to me his heart starts pounding and he starts getting a head ache.
      During giving him head if his head starts hurting so bad he stops and very few times can he cum. He states it hurts to bad and this time last night was worse then ever before.

  9. I am 52 years old female and have been a headache patient most of my life, but have experienced coital cephalalgia several times. I am now on the medicine Topamax and have not experienced any of the "Coital Cephalalgia" headaches since taking this medicine. The reason why I went on this medicine was because my last episode with this excrucitating headache left me several days in severe pain. Although this medicine may not allow you to truly have a complete over the brink organism, you can still enjoy sex and not get a "Coital Cephalalgia" headache.

  10. ok I'll put my bit in .... I had a migraine after making love and didn't yhink anything of it, then the next time after making love, the same thing happened... a migraine started just half hour after... I thought... it's happened again but didn't think anything of it then again!!! it happened, a migraine half hour after so I didn't take anything hoping it would go away, but it didn't. Eventually I was forced to take some medication... I then looked up "Sex and migraines" on the internet and to my surprise there was something about it!!! so I read on... I am now going to visit the Dr. to see about going for some tests...

  11. just to answer the question from Dr. Paritosh... No I'm not comment is the one dated March 21 2010...

  12. see boss if u r not overweight then its not coital cephalgia its a normal migrainal headache

    DR Paritosh

    1. Weight only increases the chances of coital cephlagia, a perfectly healthy person can be affected by it as well.

    2. explain please??
      Why would a migraine headache be caused by getting excited?
      My boyfriend who is 51 said now that we are together and his heart beats fast when he is near me, his erection starts and he get an instant headache. Then when we start fooling around and he gets hard, his head hurts so bad he gets confused and is in so much pain he stops..

  13. I'm 19 years old, male, and I've been experiencing coital cephalgia for the first time for about 5 days. It obviously is a very embarrassing and horrible experience. I'm sorry for anyone who has to go through it. For me, it occurs during sex/masturbation, long before I reach an orgasm. The sheer pain of it makes me very weak and close to vomiting, and I lose any desire to continue sexual activity. The last time it happened, the pain persisted so I went to the hospital with great reluctance.

    The physician treated me for headaches after running a CT scan and, after finding no irregularities, he gave me extra strength ibuprofen and sent me on my merry way (so to speak). He offered a codine or vicodin prescription, but since the pain only occurs after sexual activity, I declined.

    INSTEAD, I have decided to abstain from sexual activity for about a week and I'm super-hydrating. Also, I've read that increasing exercise can dramatically improve blood pressure (which is the source of coital cephalgia). During sex, your systolic blood pressure increases (blood flow to the penis, etc). Also, increased muscle tension in the psoas and pubococcygeus muscle groups increase the chance for headaches.

    Some things to try: (1) Switch to a sitting position when you feel the symptoms' onset. (2) Relax the muscles in your pubic area instead of squeezing/tightening them. This relieves a lot of the pressure in the head (and gives a better orgasm). (3) Take some sort of NSAID after the initial "explosive" headache to deal with pain (at least 400 mg). It works for me to dull the pain, although some of the comments suggest it might not work for some. (4) Take a break. For me, the headaches began at the end of Spring break (after a dramatic increase in sexual intercourse). Abstain for a 1-3 weeks and the headaches shouldn't persist.

    1. Blood pressure is a theory, however it has not been proven.

  14. Lexapro and Cymbalta both caused this problem for me. When I quit taking them it stops. My husband takes Pristique (sp?) and it has happened a few times to him. He is not overweight, I am, but in good condition. Take away the meds, take away the problem.


  16. my name is Davie. I got this a couple of weeks ago. I looked it up online as I thought it was rather weird and ended up making myself paranoid about it. I found that I had it after doing a LOT of exercise at the gym (perhaps too much). I think it was this that caused it. (perhaps high heart rate increasing systolic blood pressure and causing the pain?) I have had the pain in that part of my head come back every now and again (when im not having sex) it's quite dull, and not as painful as the pain during intercourse.
    It went a way for a couple of days but then i done another really intense work out at the gym, CV stuff, high heart rate. the pains came back, controllable during sex by calming down a bit, but still present. Even now, a tiny pain exists in my head at the back left.

    To get it to go away I am going to try:
    -No sex or masturbation for a week (at first)
    -Only light excercise (rather than insane high heart rate CV stuff)
    -More sleep by going to bed earlier (as this decreases stress)

    If this works my plan to prevent it is to:
    -take part in regular exercise rather than intense occasional sessions.
    -make my muscles stronger in my lower ab region (this makes it easier for them to work during sex with less effort reducing the chance of a headache)
    -eat more healthily

    Do my ideas sound stupid?

    I am not a doctor or anything, but from looking online I THINK these things MIGHT work. I will post back and let folk know how I get on.



  17. I'm 16 and i've had these headaches since monday for all week. at first it feels like Chuck Norris round housed on my forehead then feels like my brains trying to bust out of my head and lasts for hours. I want to know if anyone knows what exactly my brain's doing or why it only comes with sex and orgasms.

  18. i got this headahces a few years back and it started again last week...i have a bit of a weight problem and after losing a lot of weight it has seemed to disapeared but i have gained weight again so its probably back because of this??? It
    would be good motivation for me to look after my weight problem!l

  19. Just started getting these on July 4th. First time it happened I was in the shower fooling around with the GF. I figured it was just because I was in an odd position, but I almost passed out from the pain. I have had regular headaches most of my life but this thing is completely different.

    Like most everyone has said, pain killers don't work. I have hydrocodone and it doesn't do much but dent the headache a little. Excedrin Migrain or Extra Strength, Aleve, Advil... none of these help at all.

    I tried again later that night and it hit just as hard right before my orgasm, like the rest of my body knew that I was going to orgasm before I was consciously aware of it.

    I have read that relaxing as much as possible and taking deep breaths while you orgasm is helpful. This has proved to be somewhat true for me, but it is hard to relax at that moment and to remember to breathe deeply.

    I have found that receiving oral sex has been the least painful as I'm able to relax and focus on my breathing, but it seems to hurt no matter what I do. And really, what fun is focusing on breathing when that special person is trying to make you feel good.

    This is day 5, and I'm honestly too scared to try and masturbate to see if it has subsided. By the continuing stiffness and throbbing ache in my neck, I'm inclined to believe it hasn't. Maybe I'll wait another week.

    Here's some stats to see if there's correlation:
    195 lbs (I have a small belly, so I wouldn't consider myself fat)
    Modestly active on evenings and weekends, though sedentary most of the day.
    29 years old (first occurrence)
    Regular headaches from God knows what throughout my life but none ever as severe or prolonged as this.

    Good luck folks.

  20. I have had this happen to me several times over the past 3 years. Usually the thunderclap headache hit just as I orgasm. A year ago I was in so much pain I went to the ER. They did a CT scan that was negative and then did a spinal tap to look for blood in the spinal fluid. The doc wanted to make sure I hadn't had a subaracnoid hemerage. It also came back negative and they diagnosed it as coital cephalgia. Last week I had sex and was fine until an hour later while sitting on the couch. The pain was 20 times worse then I ever had and It lasted for 30 minutes. I thought I was going to die. My wife called an ambulance and to the ER again I went. They did another CT scan and another spinal tap to make sure I wasn't bleeding in the brain. The tests came back negative again but I am going to se a neurologist tomorrow to help me deal with these episodes. The doc told me it is cause by arterial spasms in the brain cause by hormone changes during intercourse. I'll know more tomorrow as the doctor told me the neurologist will explain it to me in more detail. I will post more info after the meeting. I am also very active and lean, 155 lbs. 5'10". So weight has no factor in this.

  21. I had these, and found a cure.

    I first suffered from coital cephalagia in June 2009. It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. I was at the bring of orgasm when suddenly the back of my head where it joins the neck spasmed, became excruciatingly painful and then it felt like it spread over my head towards the front of my head and crushed my skull. I started screaming. My poor boyfriend didn't know what was happening. I just started wailing and cowering in the bed clutching my head. Its the most painful thing i've ever experienced.
    For months it happened EVERY SINGLE time I tried to orgasm. My bf because so distraught for me because he knew how terrified i was becoming of sex as i didn't want to even attempt an orgasm.

    I'm 5ft 4" 100lbs(if that) and a former semi pro dancer, + I'm female, so not the usual stereotype for coital cephalagia.

    I went for CT scans, MRI scans (to exclude any form of bleed).

    I ended up being referred by my wonderful GP to a specialist neurologist.

    He had encountered these headaches before. First of all we tried the basic pills to try to combat it, which i had to take exactly 1/2 an hour before an attempt at orgasm. It didn't work, the headaches continued.

    Next the neurologist pulled out the big guns. The expensive big guns...... $20 per tablet!!! I was prescribed a tablet called Imigran. The active ingredient is sumatriptan succinate. It apparently works specifically on cranial arteries and veins.
    Like before I had to take the tablet exactly 1/2 and hour before i attempted orgasm.
    I took the tablet, and crossed all my fingers and toes (my poor partner was terrified to even touch me, he just held me as tightly as he could (anyone would have thought he was trying to stop me from exploding)... lol
    IT WORKED!!!
    ONE TABLET!!!! and they disppeared!!!

    I've been warned they can come back at any point in my life..... and i am still apprehensive when i near the brink but..... at least now I know there is something out there than can make them go away.

    I've started exercising again (not tons just a bit to improve circulation and stuff and also cut out allot of unhealthy blood thickening foods) and fingers crossed, 3 years on.... i'm still clear.

    Thankyou sumatriptan succinate, you gave me my sex life back.

  22. oh by the way (in addition to my comment above) my headache used to linger for up to a week (5 days ish) after an episode... stiff neck, tender area at the base of my skull..... tight head, and general throbbing ache like a headache for days!
    So glad my prescription worked for me. I really hope you guys can find something that works for you as this is not a fair condition.

  23. I am a 52 year old female and about a couple of months ago I started having a headache with my orgasms, but as they were not severe i ignored them, thinking my blood pressure might be high. Then lst week i had one of those lighting flashing headaches, it hit the base of my skull and felt like I lost the top half of my head. My husband thought i was going crazy. I felt like i had went vertigo, an got instantly sick at my stomach, and I had to crawl into the shower. I started water running on the back of my neck to try and relax it. I ended up going to dr the next day and she sent me to ER to get CT Scan and spinal Tap. All was OK they said and that is the first time i have ever heard a doctor speak the words Coital Headaches. If the bad knees don't disuade you from having sex at my age, that will!!!!! I hate giving up something i like because of it, when most women never experience those conditions. Why me, a female at 52?

    1. Are you still having these? I am a female age 55 & while I have had migraines for 40 years I had never heard of this until I started having them this month the last 4 or 5 times I have had sex - & they are getting worse & lasting longer.

  24. I got this pain in the back of my head it was extremely painful it happened before orgasm and I felt like I was going going to faint my wife let me rest and I felt better in like 2 minutes. But but lost all the sexual excitement now I am not sure if I should have sex again any time again for the next week

  25. Hi guys i am a 16 year old male and ive only just started experiencing
    Coital cephalgia. I had my first headache prior to orgasm And it was
    Like there was a bust vein in the left back side of my head. It throbbed
    Much that i nearly cried. My family arent a very much open family so
    I cant exactly say "hey mum take me to the docs please because i've
    Had some trouble masturbating" because that would be very embarrassing
    And kind of awkward. I did some research online and found out the risk of it
    An anieurysm or tumor , something like that and to be honest i really thought
    I was in a serious condition. Im not getting any of the stiff neck symptoms or
    Anything just the headaches.
    Im going to try not masturbating for a while to see if that clears it up.
    Does anyone have any tips for me ?

    1. Have your mom make an appointment with your doctor. tell your mom you need it for working papers or sports or something. Then go into the doctors office alone and tell the doctor exactly what is going on but that you want it to stay confidential.

  26. Hello.I am 23 year old male. I first experienced this a week ago and at that time I just thought "maybe I am just very tired and the headache feels extreme." But 5 days ago, 2days after the first one, I had the same kind of headache right after orgasm and lasted for about 12 hours.It was constantly hurting. I thought I would experience worse symptoms such as a stroke. So I decided to go see my doctor and did CT scan. Luckily, there was no bleeding in my head so it was not something serious.However, it sucks that I cannot masturbate right now because Im scared that the pain will come again. What should I do? Just refrain from doing it forever? Seriously, that pain is something you dont want to experience in your life. I actually cried during the pain. Also Im afraid that next orgasm could trigger a stroke or something that could damages my brain. I do not want to die from masturbating. People I need help.

  27. I'm 16 and experiencing coital cephalgia is there a way to stop it without going to the doctor?

  28. I'm 28. First had them when I was about 22 or so. Dear god, they're awful. Like flaming talons tearing into my brain. Had the first one in about six years just last week and it was by far the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life. I can usually feel them start, subtly, way in the back as I'm getting turned on. If it starts to hurt too much I just stop. It still hurts and it sucks to stop, but I can't take the pain. Really freaked my gf out before. We both thought I was having an aneurysm the very first time it happened.

  29. I'm nearly 17 and I had my first headache 3 days ago, I felt my headache come on as soon as I started, it increase as I went on, finally I pulled out as the headache was so intense I thought I was having a stoke, my back of my head hurt really bad, with a throbbing sensation on the upper back of my neck and the back of my head, I did it again today and it happened again, I only lasted about 1 min before I stopped, I don't know what to do... I can't get to the doctors by myself and I don't want to tell my parents, I will wait a week or two, try again and if it happens again, I will pluck up the courage, I suggest if you are over 21 you should just go to a doctor as it could be something much worse, prehaps an form of a cerbral hemmorage. I'm not going a life without sex for a male, its just impossible! note I'm not getting a stiff neck but I get a throbbing headache and ocasionally it feels like my veins in the upper back of my neck are throbbing too, what should I do?

  30. My name is Jola. I am a 23 year out male. last night, late, i hadn't masturbated for over 40 days and i decided to break the seal. As i was reaching climax i felt something in my chest, something in the back of my throat and then a rush of blood to the back of the head. I continued regardless and it only grew worse. 24 hours on and i still have a pain behind my left eye and my twin sister is tapping my symptoms onto this blog. last night i had genuine fears for my life. that my brain was haemorraging. should i jump back on the wagon or leave it a while?

  31. Leave it for one week, try again and if its still there go to the doctors. You may have coital cephalgia but theres a chance it could be something worse. Such as subarracnoid haemorrage, this if left untreated for 8-9 weeks could kill you. I know it sounds bad, but also if you are overweight you have a greater chance of getting the "sex headaches" they happen peridically and can come back at anytime in your life, if it goes then comes back I would go to the doctors

  32. i'm 24 and experienced this headache twice in the last week. it's one of the most unbearable pains i have ever gone through, and is entirely focused on the left side of my brain. the most recent one was the worst, and after 24 hours i still feel weak and confused.. and there is a dull ache that will not go away. this is a terrible thing for all of us to go through as sex is a big part of life, and now i'm too scared to even try again. i'm currently overseas and wondering if i should go back to my own country to have tests done. also taking lexapro (antidepressant) which i noticed someone commented about.. advice on what to do please anyone :(

  33. I am a 21 year old male and I just had my first "attack" about 3 days ago while having intercourse the pain was so bad that, while I was able to last long enough for my GF to climax, I became "limp" right after and was not able to finish. It was terrifying, I have never felt that kind of pain before. I thought it may have occoured because we were standing during intercourse so later that day we tried again, this time in the bed, missionary style. Yet, to my dismay, the pain occurred again. My GF, wanting me to finish, started massaging my neck and that actually worked to drastically reduce the pain and I was able to have an orgasm. After just reading about what I had experienced I just "went solo" to see if the pain was still there and unfortunately it happened again. So I'm just hoping this goes away real soon because my GF is like border line nympho and I don't know how long she'll go before she goes crazy.

    1. Hey: Maybe your GF is putting too much 'pressure' which could lead to coital headaches.

  34. Yeah the worst part for me is that they always happen when I meet a new girl and get very excited about having sex with her.... makes performing a very difficult task. I usually don't even tell them I have coital headaches and just stop before I orgasm and finish her off some other way, then have to go home and masturbate very slowly to avoid the headache/blue balls... very very very annoying condition, instead of pleasure we get this searing pain in our skulls, I wish whatever demon be causing this exercised from my body! But I have noticed taking Aleve a few hours prior to sex helps a bit.

  35. aleve is an nsaid, belonging to same family of drugs as one of the 2 most presribed drug for this condition, indomethacin. you're lucky if those work for you, unfortunately for me nsaids tear the lining out of my lower gi so can't take em. mine have returned after a 6 yr absence(due to lack of sex, sadly) and have me completely frustrated(literally & figuratively). last time i had em 4 weeks of no ejaculation seemed to cure it, but was hard to do(no pun intended), so i am hoping the propalonol works.

  36. Hello CC family,I am a 35 year old female and I have been experiencing coital cephalgia for about 2 weeks now. During orgasm I felt like a BOMB went of in my head and death was near.I immediately had my husband take me to the emergency room because the pain was SO SEVERE. I had a cat scan done in the ER that showed nothing was wrong. The next day I had an MRI done that also showed that nothing was wrong.I also went to the neurologist who assured me nothing was wrong. I tried sex a week later and BOOM another BOMB went off.For me the pain stays for 3days with light vomiting and loss of appetite.I am concerned for my marriage....How long will this last for? Please,Please,Please someone tell me what is going on? I am scared and I feel lost.

  37. I feel much better after reading all these comments. I am 21 y/o female, and I have been masturbating since I was about 15. I just started to get these headaches about a week ago after a few months of not masturbating at all. The pain was so severe that I seriously thought I night be having a brain hemmorage, but I was home alone and couldn't drive so I didn't go to the hospital. This is the worst pain I have ever had in my entire life. Dizzy, felt like a stab directly in my neck/spine. I am terrified to have orgasm anymore, because I dont know if I can handle this kind of pain again.

  38. I am seeing similarities in almost all of these but I have one issue that nobody has mentioned (that I have seen) and that is that I have had these headaches from events that are non-sexual. Twice I came close to an auto accident and the headaches came on during the stressful moments. Not sure why, but other then that, it comes on during masturbation and lasts 2-3 days. This is horrific.

  39. This was helpful. Had a throbbing headache in my forehead leading up to orgasm and a small version of my headache lasts up to 8 hours after. By far the worst headache I ever experienced in my life, very sharp and sudden pain. Stiff neck only lasts about half an hour after orgasm.

    I will not do anything for a week and then try. If still there, Ill go to the doctor.

  40. Tim reeder, I have had what seems like the same experience as you. It started with a masturbation orgasm. This lasted 12 hours. after just a few hours of respite it happened again when I tensed my shoulders, just slightly, because of being cold! Then they just came again and again with little time in between. After 4 days it seems to be over. I hope! The pain is unbelievable and accompanied by nausea and vomiting. It has put me of sexual activity, or even being in a situation that could cause sudden tension to my neck, shoulders. It is a very debilitating condition. I am a 40 year old female btw.

  41. Tim reeder, I have had what seems like the same experience as you. It started with a masturbation orgasm. This lasted 12 hours. after just a few hours of respite it happened again when I tensed my shoulders, just slightly, because of being cold! Then they just came again and again with little time in between. After 4 days it seems to be over. I hope! The pain is unbelievable and accompanied by nausea and vomiting. It has put me of sexual activity, or even being in a situation that could cause sudden tension to my neck, shoulders. It is a very debilitating condition. I am a 40 year old female btw.

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    Late coital cephalgia, which is of long duration (hours to days) and which occurs after orgasmic coital cephalgia

    Coital cephalgia is caused by the deficiency of the nervous transmitters acetylcholine and serotonin, and the hormone DHEA, and testosterone/estrogen in the brain. It affects the rear brain and the Cranial (parasympathetic) Outflow Nerves.

    These headaches are benign in nature and are rarely associated with any significant health problem.

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  83. I get frontal lobe headache AFTER orgasm starts 6 hours after and goes on for several days. During those days I have also brain fog (memory problems, cold symptoms, urin problems). Have read about POIS (Post Orgasm Illness Syndrome) but they seem to not think there is any cure for this. Anyone else having this ?

  84. Not only do I have chronic migraines that happen every two to three weeks and last anywhere from one to two days. I have had also have orgasm head ache for ten years. If anyone here is a migraine sufferer they know that they slowly climb in pain level of excruciating pain. An orgasm headaches takes you strait to the highest highest level of Migraine pain possible and last me about 5 min excruciating decreasing over 20 minutes. They are not bi lateral and only happen on my right side at the Atlas first vertebra intersect point. I have to ice ICE the area so its TOTALLY numb and take (Naproxen) three hours prior to intercourse other wise its a useless cause. If I know the killer is coming sometimes I just go through it anyway. I instantly hit the floor holding my head writhing in pain and my wife gets upset that I should have told her it was coming. A guy has to orgasm sometime! Masturbation is the WORST and will trigger one almost instantly

  85. I have coital cephalgia 4 or 5 times a year, my doctor gave me depakote Er to resolve it. It looks like after 5 years. now I have vasculitis. recently i had this coital cephalgia again. Now i have had head ache for last 10 days. i am 44 years old. scared now. i have scheduled a doctor appt which is 3 weeks away.

  86. Im a 24 yearold woman and the last two times I masturbated I have received headaches. The first time the headache was more annoying than painful, I could ignore it and finish. The second time it was more acute and I was vividly aware it was in my frontal lobe. I couldn't finish the pain was too much. Is this normal?

  87. I am a 48 year old male. I had this condition about 5 years ago. It is terrifying because it takes what should be one of the most pleasurable things in life and turns them into incredible pain. It is unfortunately back again. This time it has lasted about 7 or 8 weeks now. I read that naproxen may help. It indeed has worked for me. It does take the spontaneity of sex out of the equation, but me and my wife have been together for 27 years so this helps. For anyone who wants to try this, you need the aleve...or naproxen in your system for at least 45 minutes to an hour. I also read that foods high in magnesium are good too, but cannot speak to this yet. I will return.