Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Last Supper

As for tonight it will be My Last Supper before I begin my pilgrimage.
I specially requested my mum to a prepare a traditional dish called 'puthu' with fish and potato slices.....My Favourite!!

Tomorrow will be the day which I start my voyage to Pangkor with my 4 best comrades.
If we were staying in a resort I wouldn't be worried.
Have anyone heard of Misi Jutari Sdn Bhd? It sounds like a godforsaken place.
May God have mercy upon his 64 poor souls which will be trapped there from the 15 to the 28th May.

I tried to Google search this place...but It looks like this 'shithole' does not even have a single search result.

I'll be missing you all.

Review on Star Trek

So happy get to watch one of my favourite movies. I can still vaguely remember when I was small I used to watch Star Trek series with my dad.
I get to watch the movie on Wednesday....yeah RM6 only

The movie was great. I hardly blinked my eye. All will enjoy it, not necessary Star Trek fans only.
The flow of story was good, the battle scenes ( Fire Photon Torpedoes,Phase Cannons,Up Shields, Warp In)
Good Good Stuff !!!

Besides that, there was an appearance by Leonard Nimoy(Spock)


I almost forgotten the universal peace sign!! hehe

Well, YOU should watch it. Hope u enjoy it.

USS Enterprise

Space... the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Favourite Vege Food

Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant

Now I shall bring you to the restaurant which serves my favourite vege food.

Masala Tosai........My favourite food!!!

Actually I kinda shocked, to see my favourite masala is green colour. It used to be in orange and reddish in colour.
To my liking, I love the new masala filling in the tosai. It was simply delicious. It is greenish because they added green beans with a touch of grounded pudina leaves into its masala potato filling.

The masala tosai is served with 4 dishes which are plain vegetable curry, 'sambar'(dhal mixed with potatoes and carrots), pudina chutney and chili & tomato chutney.

Plain Naan

My parents love the plain naan because it is tasty and light for them. The naan is soft and not dry and my dad tells that's how it is in India.
It served with 3 dishes which are pudina chutney, chili & tomato chutney and chick-pea curry.

After we had our main course, we wanted to try something else.
So we ordered.....

Milk Appam

I have never before ordered a milk appam from any restaurant.
My mum usually cooks it for us.
I got a shocked when the appam was served to us as the coconut milk is served separately in a cup.
Accordingly, this is the tamil way of serving appam.
The ceylonese way of making is that, the coconut milk is poured in the center of the fermented rice flour and cooked together. Then, a sprinkle of sugar is added over the coconut milk for some sweetness.
We just ordered 1 appam to be shared among the 3 of us. Thank goodness.
Besides that, we couldn't taste any of the fermented taste in this appam.

But I was ever satisfied with the taste of the masala tosai.

Making Tosai

This time the guy is making Rava Tosai. It contains slices of onions n green chili in it. Good stuff.

I like the catchy phrase written in red tamil language.
It says 'Restaurant Sri Ananda Bahwan, this is our home'.

I'll definately come again!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Buck Up !!

The photo was taken around 9.30pm.
Can you guess what are these poor innocent people are doing?
Actually they are quite clueless what to do with the parking ticket. And the senior citizens are worrying whether they have to pay or not.
Well, me personally is so disappointed with the Kinta City Management.
After doing my regular shopping, I was shocked to death looking at the queue. It was so bloody long......'wtf'
I had to stand by the roadside just waiting to be run over by some losers.
The worst part was there weren't any personnel to assist the clueless people which haven't been exposed to this
My friend, she was kind enough to help and explain to those in need of help.
Besides, there was just 1 freaking machine only at the entrance.
Imagine the mad rush on weekends.
I hope they can do better than this.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My First Blog

I never knew it was quite difficult to create a blog. I'm still clueless on my banner.
Any suggestions?
I'm a total newbie......sigh