Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3 Days 3 Movies

Day 1 Movie 1 : Angels & Demons

Firstly, I don't read titles by Dan Brown.
I'll comment based on the movie.
As compared to the Da Vinci's Code. That movie really sucks. I didn't know what shit was going on in that movie. It was all haywire.

This movie was watchable and nice. It was a decent movie. I just watched it because I was skeptical about it based on the previous movie.
Kudos...much better!!

Day 2 Movie 2 : 17 again

This is a very nice movie. Really enjoyed myself. Watched it at Gurney Plaza.
I guess I was the fourth oldest person guy in the cinema. The three other people ranked above than me were parents accompanying their children. Damm...I felt like an old uncle.
There was one thing I did not was that the movie was heavily censored...although there were not any nudity.
They censored the best parts which were the sex jokes and girls in skimpy outfit.

Day 3 Movie 3 : The Night At The Museum

Nice Pose!!

I didn't really like the first movie as well. It was just normal ....nothing special. This movie is better and there was adventure.
And I didn't fall asleep in this movie.hehe


  1. seems like u're enjoying ur holidays! jealous-nya!

  2. Haha...good way to waste some time.